06 | 06 | 2022

Connected refrigerators: the 2.0 canteen for healthy self-service meals

For some time now, connected fridges have been appearing in companies. They sometimes even come to replace traditional canteens to save space and facilitate the management of collective catering.

Today, the trend is for connected fridges that provide local, simple and varied self-service dishes. Practical and quick to set up, these smart fridges improve the well-being of employees while facilitating the management of company catering.

The advantages of the connected fridge for your collective restaurant

Connected fridges combine quality products and self-service in a small space. This canteen 2.0, quick to install and with no construction, simplifies the management of collective catering. Elaborate food, fast, simple and available all day long for the greatest happiness of employees.

For example, Nestor catering spaces offer fresh seasonal products, hot dishes prepared in their kitchen and recipes imagined by chefs to avoid routine.

Simple and quick installation of your smart fridge

This is one of the strong points of the connected fridge: its installation. The digital canteen takes up no more space than a conventional fridge. By opting for this latest generation solution, you offer healthy meals and a practical solution while promoting exchange between employees - all on just one square meter.

By replacing your traditional canteen with a connected collective catering, you also reduce the fixed costs that would require an entire infrastructure with canteen workers, kitchen appliances, catering room, etc.

Easy management of your fridge

That's also an important advantage: your connected fridge is autonomous. With this solution, management is simplified since payment is automatic and inventory in real time with a label for each product. There is no risk of stock shortage since you receive alerts when a dish runs out. This digital solution is offered by specialized companies that provide supply, menu development and maintenance in case of problems.

Employees fulfilled thanks to the connected fridge

The connected fridge offers homemade and local small dishes for a healthy diet. Your employees no longer need to run outside to order a low-quality sandwich since they have everything they want right at their company. The connected fridge also remains at their disposal all day long, no need to run to the canteen between noon and two, the fridge remains open.

This canteen 2.0 ensures conviviality, flexibility of meals and healthy food to fulfilled employees without adding you management constraints. Fraîche Cancan seduces employees with a zero-waste canteen, which favors balanced menus validated by nutritionists with local 100-French products.

The limits of a smart fridge

While digitizing your canteen brings many benefits, it can be complicated to implement in a large company. If the number of employees is too large, it is wise to add a counter offer to regulate the influx of employees at lunchtime.

There is no doubt that this smart solution will delight start-ups and human-sized companies that will find in the connected fridge a solution that combines healthy food, user-friendliness and simplification of the company canteen.

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