25 | 01 | 2023

The essential functionalities of the ERP for the management of restaurants

ERP is a valuable tool for steering in multi-site catering. The data collected allows the head office to monitor the activity of each site and to have a consolidated vision.

But if the ERP allows you to set a framework and "control" the actions of your restaurants, it can also leave some freedom to the teams when it is relevant.

Calculating foodcost, shrinkage or controlling the Purchasing policy, thanks to Adoria, discover some of the essential functionalities of ERP for the decision makers of a restaurant group.

Fixing a framework while leaving some freedom of action

In multi-site catering, it is important to fix a framework for the restaurants. But we must not forget that to be successful, field managers must be able to react quickly to the unexpected: make operational decisions, with the goal of satisfying customers. They must be allowed this freedom of action.

Restaurants, an operational and field job

Performance is achieved every day by the teams and employees directly in the restaurant. The franchise model, for example, is perfectly suited to the restaurant business since the franchisee owns his or her business, not the concept.

As a general rule, the head office provides the instructions and best practices to be adopted, which will then be executed on site. To maintain control, operational freedom in the field must be framed by rules or limits to avoid possible drifts.

ERP, to set a framework in your restaurants

ERP is precisely a valuable tool to set this framework. The decision-maker at headquarters sets rules and procedures to be followed. Trust does not exclude control and even if it is possible to leave some freedom to managers and their teams in restaurants, it is important to monitor practices.

Among all these functionalities, ERP is valuable for setting a framework, measuring daily achievements and reaching objectives. It is also important to allow certain freedoms without losing control.

ERP, a valuable tool to drive the business

As we said, ERP is a valuable tool to drive operations. Adoria reveals some important features for the head office.

If piloting the activity of your restaurants thanks to the figures brought up by the ERP is indispensable, it is in particular thanks to the control of the purchasing policy and the precise calculation of the foodscost.

Control of the application of the purchasing policy

This allows the Purchasing Manager to check the origin of the products purchased. He negotiates the prices of the references with his suppliers, and the various restaurants must then purchase from the relevant suppliers.

It is of course possible to allocate a budget for products outside the contract, in order to give each restaurant a certain amount of freedom according to its specificities. It is up to each restaurant group to assess how much latitude it is willing to give.

Measuring foodcost and shrinkage, a must

The accurate calculation of foodcost is imperative, so an efficient ERP must ensure its accuracy.
The ERP will come calculate:

  • Theoretical foodcost from the recipe cards. At Adoria, we emphasize the importance of using a weighted average price in order to take into account the evolution of supplier prices and thus deliver an extremely accurate foodcost, to avoid unpleasant surprises;
  • The actual foodcost,from sales data and the stock situation (inventories, orders or losses).
  • the difference between theoretical and actual consumption.

An ERP allows you to go further by identifying which Recipe Cards generate the most losses. You can thus reduce waste and control your foodcost.


ERP is an indispensable tool for decision makers in a catering group. It allows them to monitor activity, with a site or consolidated vision, and to pilot profitability. Control and freedom can thus coexist to master your entire commercial restaurant group.


Adoria is THE 100% web-based, high-performance and reliable platform for multi-site restaurants. It facilitates the daily life of restaurant owners by optimizing operations (purchasing, inventory, production) and management (precise foodcost calculation and advanced BI analysis).

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