22 | 04 | 2022

The role of the collective catering in the awakening of the taste

At any age, meals and more particularly lunch occupy a central place in community life. In collective catering, the place of taste is paramount to enable young and old alike to enjoy their lunch, every day.

This is why Adoria advises you to use the week of taste and other culinary workshops throughout the year so that the clientele of your collective restaurants develops a more refined palate.

Educating young people about flavors and food diversity

Schools and summer camps are real life learning places. In addition to living in a community, children learn to communicate and exchange. These establishments are therefore well placed to arouse children's curiosity and introduce them to dishes, whether traditional or exotic. It is also a way to raise awareness among the youngest to consume seasonal fruits and vegetables and to orient them towards a more ecological and local approach.

Taste week, the way to educate children to different flavors

Each year, the taste week instituted in schools, educational institutions and leisure centers allows children to discover unknown flavors and to better apprehend certain foods. From salty to sweet, through spices or acidity, the taste buds of the little ones are educated, to perfect their dietary diversity.

As a collective kitchen, you can propose various activities around culinary tastings. On the agenda: incorporating new flavors and textures, all in simple recipes to be made in large quantities, so that children learn to eat balanced and varied.

The biggest challenge remains to ensure that food waste is limited, which makes it the perfect opportunity to introduce children to zero waste cooking.

You can of course implement these workshops regularly throughout the year, not just during the week of taste!"

Tricks and tricks to appeal to children

Often, children fall victim to preconceived notions about the vegetables and dishes prepared by canteens. As a chef, you can use little tricks to get kids used to the tastes of these vegetables that are often left on the side of the plate. Creating a bolognese from boiled broccoli, presenting vegetable plates by recreating animals or adding playful coloring to some unappetizing dishes can go a long way.

Innovative ideas from nurseries to educate the little ones

Taste education starts at a very young age, which is why it is very important to offer babies and children introductory workshops to different food groups. These will allow them to learn to eat everything and enjoy it.

Thus, it goes through sessions of discovery of fruits and vegetables, cereals or starchy foods. A method that will have a positive impact on the future health of these children, introduced to a balanced diet.

Revive the taste and appetite of the elderly

The elderly sometimes have a less faithful perception of taste than during their youth. Implementing culinary workshops or taste weeks in EHPADs can give them the opportunity to taste dishes with a variety of flavors, while giving a playful side to meals. These weeks can be placed under different themes, such as local products, world cuisines or even flavor recognition.

Beyond the flavors, it is also a way to involve all the senses of the EHPADs residents, through, for example, decorations and background music on the chosen theme.

Restaurateurs, Adoria accompanies you in the development of fun dishes with multiple flavors and in the management of your menu cycles. Don't hesitate to contact us for a personalized demo!

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