19 | 12 | 2022

What will the restaurant industry look like in 2030?

At the EquipHotel trade show last November, the Resto France Expert animation stand gave us a glimpse of the technological, digital and experiential innovations in the restaurant industry by 2030. Created in 2019, the Resto France Experts association aims to federate and enhance the skills of consultants and manufacturers for the success of projects in the restaurant and hotel industry.

Discover without delay the new trends in the restaurant industry by 2030 with a few examples of iinnovations in Artificial Intelligence and robotics that should revolutionize the sector in the coming years.


Restoration in 2030 by Resto France Experts

The Resto France Experts animation booth reveals the emerging trends in the restaurant industry; here are the tracks presented.


Distribution and delivery channels, an industry always on the move

Distribution and ordering channels and payment and delivery methods are constantly evolving. The goal is to simplify the customer's life to build loyalty.

Dark kitchens, online ordering, subscription-based offers; but also online payment, by QR code, and soon meal delivery using a drone... everything is thought for always more speed.

Experiential levers

There is a noticeable drop in shopping in shopping centers today. The trend is toward entertainment with multi-ambient venues that aim to create and retain a community.
Immersive restaurants are increasingly using new technologies to create their worlds.

Sustainability and eco-responsibility in restaurant practices

With climate disruption, rising energy costs and strong CSR expectations from consumers, restaurateurs are being asked to rethink their recycling, energy saving and anti-waste practices.

Many restaurateurs are moving toward a more local menu with food from short circuits and better quality, thus meeting the strong expectation of customers to eat healthier.

New technologies at the service of the restaurant and hotel industry

The trend is also toward technological innovation specifically thought out for the restaurant and hotel industry.

In 2030, it will be possible to see holograms in charge of taking your order, menus in augmented reality or server robots bringing your food. Let's also mention the use of exoskeletons to help staff carry heavy loads.

The labor shortage in the restaurant industry is accelerating this process to automate certain tedious or unrewarding tasks, with staff still at the heart of customer service.

Focus on two examples of innovations at work in the restaurant industry

During the presentations at the Resto France Experts animation booth, we discovered two innovations in more detail: immersive catering and digital 3D printing in pastry.

Ephemera Group's immersive restaurant concept

In Paris, a first immersive restaurant, Ephemera, was opened this year by three young graduates of the Institut Bocuse. This establishment offers a unique dining experience on the theme of the sea floor, for only about thirty euros.

On the ambiance side, a state-of-the-art video projection system allows the room to be dressed with a particular decor. On the kitchen side, the restaurant offers a reduced menu, but of high quality with homemade dishes based on fresh products.

The goal is to develop this innovative immersive concept in France in other major cities (Marseille, Paris, Lyon), on other themes that are yet to be defined: jungle, cosmos,...

Digital 3D printing in pastry

The Digital Pastry Shop was created in 2019 and brings together a multi-disciplinary team: mechanical engineers, biochemists and pastry chefs have collaborated to create a 3D food printer. The use is simple:

  • The pastry chef loads the dough he has prepared into the machine;
  • A powder is added (100% natural and without additives);
  • The baking takes place;
  • The pastry chef removes the powder (which acted as a mold).

This 3D printer is revolutionary because it allows you to create designs and patterns that are impossible to achieve by hand. Easy to use, it is controlled from a smartphone app.


The restaurant industry is constantly evolving, and innovations emerge every year; Adoria stands ready to share them with you.





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