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BlogApril 04 2022
Cost reduction and respect for the environment: the advantages of vegetarian menus in public catering
avantages menus vegetariens
Consumer interest in a plant-based diet is growing steadily, and vegetarianism and its derivatives are taking the food industry and the restaurant industry by storm. In just...
BlogMarch 17 2022
Finding Human Resources in the restaurant industry, a key issue for the sector
recrutement hotellerie
In addition to placing severe constraints on restaurant sales, the health crisis has had a significant impact on food costs and labor management.The hospitality industry has...
BlogMarch 17 2022
Streamline your menu: minimalism is on the rise
menu simple restaurant
Menu development is a crucial step for every restaurant, but it can sometimes be tricky. A large menu does not always mean customer satisfaction or efficiency. A shorter menu...
BlogMarch 15 2022
New initiatives to better manage your waste and reduce food waste
gaspillage alimentaire
In 2022, the issue of food waste and waste sorting is at the centre of concerns in the catering sector. To reduce wasted resources and non-food waste, the response must be...
BlogMarch 07 2022
Think about the automation or robotization of the restaurant
robotisation restauration
In recent years, technological innovations have radically changed the landscape of the restaurant industry. Automated devices, machines and robots have opened up endless possibilities....
BlogFebruary 28 2022
Make your restaurant a community place
Make your restaurant a community place
Adoria gives you all the keys to transform your restaurant into a true community place. This polysemous definition allows you to choose any branding axis: from the multicultural...
BlogFebruary 25 2022
Salon de l'Agriculture in 2022: the reunion program
Salon de l'Agriculture in 2022: the reunion program
While it was canceled in 2021 following the health crisis, this year's Salon de l'Agriculture returns to the Parc Expo in Paris, Porte de Versailles, from February 26 to March...
BlogFebruary 22 2022
An ERP to facilitate your inventories
The inventory tracking is an essential element of restaurant management. On a daily basis, it allows you to better manage supplies, know the discount unknown and reinforce...
BlogFebruary 17 2022
Bringing the restaurant into the customer's home
kit a cuisiner restaurant
While French consumers are fond of dining out, they also increasingly appreciate the comfort of their own homes to enjoy a good meal. Adoria gives you all the secrets to bring...
BlogFebruary 14 2022
The 100 ematerialized catering, a constraint that has become a commercial niche
livraison repas domicile
Home meal delivery has become an ingrained mode of consumption in the lives of the French, especially over the past two years. Dark kitchens, aggregators and home delivery...
BlogFebruary 07 2022
Superfoods, a trend to follow
Superfoods, a trend to follow
Superfoods are the new trend that has taken over the food industry. Very popular in the United States, these nutritionally rich plants and foods are increasingly appealing...
BlogJanuary 25 2022
The latest menu innovations
innovation menu restaurant
The menu is the main entry point between diners and your kitchen. A well-thought-out and practical menu guarantees you a better customer experience, and better sales to boot....
BlogJanuary 24 2022
Give meaning to your loyalty policy
programme fidelite restaurant
Creating a loyalty program is a great way for restaurants to keep their customers happy and increase overall sales. To get the most out of it, you need to determine how the...
BlogJanuary 18 2022
Focus on the customer experience at the point of sale
cuisine ouverte restaurant
A great customer experience is the foundation of any successful restaurant. It's what sets you apart from the plethora of competitors and what keeps your customers coming...
BlogJanuary 05 2022
In the restaurant business, simplicity of dishes is more important than sophistication
assiette simplifiee restaurant
Since 2021, one of the trends in the restaurant industry is to go back to basics. Restaurateurs and food industries are focusing on the basics, which are most in demand by...