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BlogFebruary 02 2023
Collective catering facing the energy crisis
Collective catering facing the energy crisis
With rising electricity and gas prices, the energy crisis is having a lasting impact on our consumption patterns; this is also true for contract catering, which is already...
BlogJanuary 25 2023
The essential functionalities of the ERP for the management of restaurants
gerant restaurant
ERP is a valuable tool for steering in multi-site catering. The data collected allows the head office to monitor the activity of each site and to have a consolidated vision. But...
BlogJanuary 16 2023
New hotel models in 2023
hotel en nature
Constantly evolving, the hotel industry is innovating again by 2023. Directly linked to current events and new customer expectations, the sector is turning to concepts that...
EventsJanuary 13 2023
Meet Adoria at SIRHA Lyon from January 19 to 23
adoria salon sirha 2023
The SIRHA exhibition in Lyon, the world's leading food service and hospitality event, will celebrate its 40th anniversary at its 21st edition from 19 to 23 January 2023. See...
BlogJanuary 10 2023
Catering around the world - Episode 7: Lebanon
cuisine libanaise
Lebanese cuisine is part of the Levantean cuisine, along with the countries of the eastern coast of the Mediterranean ("Levantine countries"). In Lebanon, one finds the influences...
BlogDecember 19 2022
What will the restaurant industry look like in 2030?
adoria robot restaurant
At the EquipHotel trade show last November, the Resto France Expert animation stand gave us a glimpse of the technological, digital and experiential innovations in the restaurant...
BlogDecember 12 2022
How to guarantee the reliability of your ERP numbers (Foodcost)
gestion erp restaurant
In organized catering, ERP is an essential tool for running operations and tracking numbers in real time. Depending on the type of user, satisfaction criteria vary: The business...
BlogDecember 01 2022
Eatertainment, a new experiential concept in hotels and restaurants
eatertainment adoria
The hotel and restaurant industry is constantly looking for innovation. Today, dining is becoming an experience in its own right with concepts flourishing a little more every...
BlogNovember 28 2022
Customer reviews, a major issue in the restaurant industry
avis client restaurant
Online customer reviews have become the lifeblood of every business, and the restaurant industry is no exception. Google, Yelp or even Tripadvisor, consumers have become accustomed...
BlogNovember 23 2022
The influence of world cuisine in French restaurants, a real success
The influence of world cuisine in French restaurants, a real success
French cuisine, while recognized around the world, is constantly on the move to discover new flavors and new culinary sensations. After Italy, Spain or the famous burgers...
BlogNovember 16 2022
Food Service Around the World - Episode 6: Argentina
empanadas argentine
Adoria offers to continue its world tour of the restaurant industry with the cuisine of Latin America, which, like the Argentine cuisine, has many specialties with multiple...
BlogNovember 09 2022
Social networks, indispensable allies in the hotel and restaurant industry
Adoria will be present at the "Communication: Saying and Showing on Social Networks" conference at the EquipHotel trade show currently taking place in Paris, and will explain...
BlogOctober 20 2022
10 questions to ask yourself to choose an ERP that fits your project
The 10 questions to ask yourself to choose an ERP that fits your project
When you attend an EPR provider's demonstration, the provider will first ask you a number of questions. The objective is to size your project and propose an architecture that...
BlogOctober 10 2022
Advertising on mapping applications, a boon for restaurateurs
map restaurant
For several years now, GPS applications such as Apple Maps, Waze or Google Maps have become must-haves for finding your way around by car or on foot. It is already possible...
BlogOctober 03 2022
The advantages of a SaaS ERP for your catering software
hebergement saas
The vast majority of organized catering players choose SaaS ("Software as a Service") hosting. The choice of outsourcing your ERP has many advantages, particularly in terms...